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Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team is a group of engineers who are joined with the client’s organization as one unit and are managed by a dedicated project/product manager or by the client directly; a team works from the offshore development office, where the vendor provides all necessary support.Whether you need one additional developer to help you with tasks or build a fully functional software development department managed by PM, Produens Labs can launch one for your business. We build successful and productive teams for clients in different domains. You can be sure about dedicated development team compliance because we build it according to your requirements.After you choose developers, they start working from our R&D center as your full-time employees.The dedicated development team model proved itself as the most successful approach that guarantees the highest developers’ commitment; it also gives you full control of the software development process, management, and cost. At the same time, we take care of all administration.

Offshore Development Center

Dedicated development center model is a way to get a self-managed remote team for your company situated in the country with lower hourly rates for software development services and a large number of programmers and IT-related experts. This model allows you to choose the location which meets your demands regarding the budget and skills. What’s more, it will not draw you away from your core work because remote PMs are responsible for managing your offshore development center.Run out of needed experts in your area? In-house development appears too expensive? Or maybe you just want to expand your business? It’s high time to think over your ODC project!

Establish Your IT & Research Center in India

Produens Labs brought together specialists with 10+ years experience in HR management, recruiting, onboarding and building teams for various IT companies in India and abroad that will help you. Opening a development hub is a great opportunity for your business to extend capacity in easy way. The number of qualified IT specialists are more in India than any other country, so it won’t be hard to find a software developer with a needed tech stack and seniority level to join your company. Be you an ambitious startup or a world-known enterprise, setting a development center in India will be the best solution for launching a new product or growing your business.

Recruitment & Relocation

Attracting skilled tech talents developers from beyond borders and relocating them to your country is a great solution to connect companies with great software engineers. Do you find it hard to recruit developers who will join your team right now in your location? Is bounty hunting too costly for your company? No matter how hard it is to acquire necessary talent, the truth is that without needed developers and engineers, no project can be successfully developed and launched. If you are you striving to close the talent and skill gaps in your company and need more experienced developers, testers, and other technical specialists with a solid background and experience – it is time to consider the IT recruiting services that Produens Labs is glad to offer. We also provide a support with relocation of your new developers to your place.

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We focus on the growth of your business.

Produens Labs is a Indian offshore software development company with an R & D center in Hyderabad where you can hire a development team to complete your project. Our recruiting department is able to select skilled programmers from a large talent pool; then we help you with integration, onboarding, payrolls, and back office. We have experience in various services: software development, building up an independent R&D unit, technology consulting for companies from different countries. We use this knowledge to provide best services for our clients to meet their expectations. We shaped our process in a way that you interview every person and choose the best candidate to join your development team; after you hire top developers, manage productivity and work using proven methodology and your tracking system

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Core Creative Benefits

Transparent Cost

Predictable budget where you control your developer’s salaries and understand our service fee, that is stable and predictable.

Flexible agreement

You can hire one developer or a team of developers with PM and QA. Add more or scale down when you need it.


Personal HR manager will work with you and your team from the moment you decide to hire.

Personal Approach

There are no two identical teams. We apply personal approach to recruiting and to team support.